Reading of late has become a hard nut to crack on all competitive exams.Even the best of the students find themselves at their wits end when it comes to reading.But the point to debate here is,Is reading indeed an insurmountable arena? Is there no way to make it an all attainable arcade? Don`t you get disheartened guys!!! “there is always light at the end of the tunnel” & reading is no exception to this.All it needs is loads of commitment & focus towards your preparation & a conscious effort to develop faster reading.Right from day one,when you decide on taking any of the above tests,think of reading extra stuff as the first step towards your goal.

Here is how you develop faster reading habit:

1.To begin with even a newspaper would do.Read stuff like the editor`s column & note the time taken to comprehend it on day one.

2.On the second day read another such column but taking a few minutes less than what you had taken on first day.Continue each day with as much less time possible to comprehend.

3.Religiously & consciously reading new stuff coupled with proper time management would slowly but steadily help you bud into a fast reader.

4.After one or two weeks try to grab some fiction or non fiction books but mind you never you fall in love with the books & get immersed into it.Instead have a practical approach to it from exampoint of view. Hence a strategic & well planned technique would surely put you in a better frame of mind glowing with confidence to take up any challenging passage in your stride.

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