1. Confidence and Self-belief: The students should have confidence in themselves and belief in their own abilities. They should have a strong belief and confidence that they can clear the exam. Everything can be achieved through belief.

2. Knowledge and Hard Work: Knowledge is necessary to clear any competitive exam. The students should have good knowledge about fundamentals and concepts of the subject. Without this, they can never hope to clear the exam.

For gaining knowledge, a lot of hard work and preparation is necessary. Knowledge cannot be gained overnight. Conceptual knowledge can be perfected by reading and understanding the concepts and then practicing questions based on these concepts. 3. Solving sample papers and past question papers: This is the most important. Solving sample papers and past question papers will give an idea about the type of questions asked in the entrance exam and also give a lot of practice to the students. This will help the students in the actual exam.

While practicing and also during the exam, the students must always pay attention to their speed i.e. how fast and accurately they can solve the questions. It is advisable not to spend too much time on a single question. If they are not able to solve that question in a particular time limit, they should leave the question and move ahead. 4. Time Management: Firstly, students must prepare a timetable for studying, and make sure that they are following the time table ritually. The timetable must be prepared for the period up to the exam and then broken up into monthly, weekly and daily schedules. The students must then keep a record of what and how much they have studied and review their performance regularly.

Initially, a student should study for 3 to 4 hours a day for the competitive exam. Later when the exam draws near, around 6 to 8 hours can be put in. 5. Sharpness of mind: Sharpness of mind is needed for competitive exams. A sharp mind gives conceptual understanding, ability to think out difficult or tricky questions and speedy response to the questions.

Sharpness of mind can be achieved by regular practice and also by doing brain exercises such as puzzles, crosswords, chess and sudoku.

Hope these tips will be useful for the students who are going to appear for the exams.. Best Of Luck!!!!!

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