February 26, 2017

Despite burning the midnight oil, despite revising the Barron`s wordlist thrice, despite practising grammar & other questions thoroughly despite , despite & despite everything, I landed up with a miserable score !!!!!

We often hear students grumble post exam but have you ever given a thought why does this happen?

Why do some best of the students come out with pathetic scores? Yes , the one & only reason is ” your mental composure on the d- day”. We have seen many a battles lost due to panic !! Panic is the real culprit.

Tranquility pays !!!! But the hundred dollar question is – How to cultivate ” tranquility” ” composure” &” peace of mind” when we are facing our career`s most crucial test? Do you think it is an unachievable & unattainable arena ? Absolutely not.


Here are a few tips to make you the coolest student with loads of confidence ready to win the battle with any & every competitive exam :


1. Right from the start be focussed , set targets & work incessantly so that you don`t have to cope up with the pressure of last minute preparation.
2. Feed your sub-conscious every night that” you have to do it” ” you can do it” & ” you will do it” that nothing is impossible .

3. Always aim high & never compromise for substandard things ,not even the score.

4. Leave studies one or two days before the exam. Relax ,have fun ,freak out, watch a movie talk to your friends {don`t discuss the exam} most important eat & sleep well. No need of butterflies in stomach at the thought of the exam !!! We dont need them because it is not the BE ALL & END ALL OF OUR LIFE!!

5. Deep breathe 10 times every day by closing your eyes. Give your 100% in deep breathing. Its a good confidence booster.

Observe the above five tips religiously & I dont see any reason why PANIC cant be kept at bay & why you cant come out with FLYING COLOURS IN ANY EXAM…


All The Best !

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