Preparing wordlists for GRE !

WORDLISTS: As you know is a pain to study. Tell me how many of you actually DON’T MUGG UP your wordlist?? Do you have any idea that you actually know all the words ? Many students open the book and start doing wordlist or always sit with their flashcards by-hearting the words not knowing why !

There is a strategy my dear friends to do your wordlists.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps:

There are 3 Categories of words.

1.EASY WORDS: In each wordlist as you know have 50 + words. Byhearting all at a time sounds & looks (the pages) also boring, one needs to know what types of word are they. The easy one’s – these are those types of words that do not require any introduction. You know their meaning. You need not by heart them because you know it’s meaning already. Just see and move on just see whether the word in a noun or adjective or adverb suffix – by looking at its ending (considering you are done with root prefix & suffixes).

2.MEDIUM WORDS : These are those types of words that you are familiar with i.e. you have seen some were, read in a newspaper, or a novel or in a magazine article that you don’t remember. But seems to look familiar.You have to get the meaning of such words as you are already familiar with it should not take much time to remember. Don’t forget to apply the roots & stems tactics to it & be observant on what suffix it is.

3.The third and the Last category is the NEW WORDS: These are words which you are seeing for the first time. You have no idea where it has come from or its source of origin. Well dear friends you don’t have a choice but to by heart them.But, by the time you have finished with your categorization you would be left with very less words to actually by heart. SOUNDS GREAT !!! Try it now !!

Best thing to do is never to get tensed take good food, Sleep tight. Feel good and be confident, it will automatically improve your capability.

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