How to prepare for GRE quant?

The math’s section in GRE exam contains only three types of questions Graphs, Quantitative comparisons, and multiple choice questions .It consist of 28 questions and the time given is 45 minutes. The format is like 14 Quantitative comparisons, about 10 multiple choice questions and about 4 questions on Graphs. They may come in any order.

Before you start preparing for GRE quant keep in mind that in GRE the Mathematics skills tested are very basic, only 7th to 9th std algebra and geometry (Don’t worry no proofs) Knowledge is needed. But this doesn’t imply that Math section is easier… It is kept at basic level so that students, who didn’t study math after their school years, will be able to score same as engineering, maths or science students. As said before the problems are based on basic maths will have simple solutions, but finding the simple solution may not be easy.

This section is designed to see how skillful you are at finding simple solutions, if you are doing long calculations you will not finish same part of the test as those student who can find short and simple solutions, So if you end up doing long calculations, and more of advance mathematics be sure you are going in the wrong direction..

Best way to start preparing is take a GRE Barron’s book, go through all the examples, tricks that are explained they will help you in revising your basics .when you complete exercises work out the tests .Don’t forget to revise Barron’s once or twice before your exam. After Barron’s there are few more books which give you more practice examples like Nova, cliff.

After that you can complete Kaplan’s 120 quant questions without difficulty. Last book to solve will be GRE Big book, at least try to solve 15-17 tests from the book, before starting to solve CD tests. In that also start with Cambridge or Princeton CD tests, which are easier if compared to others. Keep Kaplan’s CD for last 8-10 days , the scores you get from Kaplan tests are found to be parallel to the actual GRE scores.( only if you don’t spoil your exam ) so you will get the range of your score. After solving tests always try to find your weak areas and keep on improving them.

All the best…

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