AWA- Analytical writing assessment !!

The analytical writing assessment section consists of two writing tasks- analysis of an issue and analysis of an argument for gre and gmat students

How are the essays graded ?

The responses of each of these tasks are scored on a 6 point scale , with 6 being the highest score and 1 the lowest. A score of 0 is given to responses that are offtopic, are in a foreign language, merely attempt to copy the topic ,consist only of key stroke character or are blank. The readers who evaluate the responses are college and university faculty members from various subject matter areas. These readers read your essays holistically – i.e they respond to the overall quality of your critical thinking and writing.

Each response is given to independent ratings. If the rating differs by more than a point, a third reader evaluates your finals score is the average of the 2 ratings.

What is the importance of AWA scores ?

Your awa score plays a vital role in fetching you your most desired admits although it has an indirect impact. First of all in case if two students are vying for the same admit in the same university for the sam e program,your awa scroe forms an important criteria for admits apart from your academics,extracurricular,etc…secondly your awa score acts as testimony for the admission council to tesat the authenticity of you rsops and essays.

Some strict DONTS of the AWA section :

1.Do no start attempting before reading and understanding the topic properly. 2.Do not start typing before brainstorming the points or preparing a skeleton of the essays 3.Do not use this section as a platform to showcase your linguistic skills like vocabulary ,proverbs and idioms. Use everything in moderation 4.Do not try to increase the length of the essay simply by circulating the points thinking long essays will fetch you high scores. It is just not the case. 5.Do not give/overdo the statistics until and unless you are sure of them.

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