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Indian Students in the USA !!

The USA has for long attracted students from all over the world as a global leader in imparting quality education. With its flexible syllabus and booming opportunities, the USA has indeed become the cynosure for those desiring to pursue their higher studies abroad. India too is no stranger to this flourishing trend and as a result every year hundreds of Indian students set off to the USA in pursue of higher studies. So in this article let’s just talk about the life of Indian students in the USA.

Indian student population after China is the second largest population in the world that opts for higher education in the US universities. As a result there are a number of Indian students in the universities there. When a student arrives in the USA for the first time, he/she is helped by the fellow students there i.e. Right from picking the student up from the airport to settling the student in, help is always at hand. However it is imperative that the student has contacted his/her fellow students well in advance about their arrival.

There are many Indian communities or groups formed within the universities where all the Indian students can come close together and share their common interests and ideas. A feeling of togetherness is imbibed among the students at such times.

But this in no way means that Indian students are comfortable only among themselves. Students from all over the world come to the US so naturally a culturally diverse campus life is created. Being a part of such cosmopolitan environment is truly an exciting and exhilarating experience for the students. It is here that the students develop a completely different and a much broader perspective of life when they see and learn new things that ultimately help to develop their personality. It is here that they become global citizens in the true sense.

So life for Indian students in the US though a bit tough (considering all the part-time jobs and cooking one’s own meals) is not lonely. They have their friends and their teachers who understand them and thus help them in their times of need.

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