GRE MOCK TESTS: The practice matches before the final match !!

‘Practice tests’ or ‘Mock tests’ as we may call it, are one of the most important part of a GRE exam preparation, in fact it’s the most important part of most of the other examinations too, but it highly depends on the quality of the tests available. Being an engineer, I’ll give only engineering examples; of course they might be applicable for others. The ‘term-tests’ which we have are not in par with the final exams and hence, unanimously neglected. The fact of the matter is you’ve got excellent CD-tests for GRE, so in the words of Dumbledore “Use it well”.

As the greats say “Play every Practice match as if it were a Final, and play every Final as if it were a Practice match”.

On the same lines “Attempt every mock test as if it is your final exam, and attempt every final exam as if it is your mock test”.{Note: In the above sentence the term ‘every final exam’ is used to maintain the rhythm, only one final GRE exam is what everybody wants}

Hence, complete concentration is expected during mock tests. Don’t take them lightly; switch off your mobile phones & No music.Now, planning mock tests should be done while taking the GRE date. Ideally you should start your tests 20 days before the exam. How many tests? 8 is a good number, but it depends on you, your preparation and the number of days you have in hand. Finish all your mock tests, at-least 3-4 days before your exam. Keep a day or two between every test. Work on your weaknesses. For that a detailed review should be done after every test. Note the kind of mistakes you make, clear all your doubts before giving the next test. Remember how disappointed you are in Sehwag when he gets out in the same fashion in consecutive matches. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Eventually, you’ll run out of mistakes, and you’ll improve your scores.

Also, see to it that one low score never discourages you and one high score doesn’t lift your feet off the ground. You never know everything. ‘Over/Under’ confidence doesn’t help. In the end, fighting spirit is what counts. Giving up is for losers. Let me end this before it gets too filmy. Topic is open for discussion.


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