A few more basic strategies to prepare for GRE !!

As mentioned in my earlier article one must keep in mind is your “TIME”; Keep a tab on your time, as how much time you are devoting per question. Don’t push yourself too hard on solving a particular question. You must have an approximate calculation of time devoted to per question. Don’t focus only on one question as you might lose your valuable time in solving other questions which you could solve quickly with ease.

The GRE is not just solving answers correctly but also how well you can perform under pressure. It is important to get the first few questions correct as it would increase your score considerable and affect your overall score, for the first few (13-15 Questions) you could give importance of time. As getting those correct will have striking affect on your score.

Coming down to choosing from the given answer choices you have to choose the BEST answer. Remember in GRE there is NO CORRECT answer, it is always the Best OR the Closest Best answer. Use the elimination method, eliminate your answer wisely, read each choice carefully before eliminating it. Read all answer choices before you start eliminating. Don’t leave any question without answering; you don’t have negative marking in GRE.

I have students scoring 1350-1450 in mock exams but screwing in main exam all because they were stressed, studying round the clock, without a break ( including performance pressure from parents & friends as well) . It is important to RELAX before exam. Stop giving any sort of test at least 2 days prior to GRE Exam. If you are giving any test, and you are getting good score at start but as the exam nears due to peer pressure to perform it starts affecting your score and your scores start diminishing resulting in low moral and thinking what if my score goes down in main exam? Why not look at the positive side if relaxing would increase my performance potential. Why not relax? Go have fun, go watch movie, hang out with friends. Take enough sleep, because if you are not relaxed it will affect your score. Trust me! It certainly does affect your score dramatically.

On the day of exam have a light breakfast, leave early to be on time , wear clothes in which you are comfortable the most, remember you are going for exam & not for an interview or a fashion show; so, relax. Do not panic or get stressed; keep your head cool all through the exam.

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