Basic principles to keep in mind while preparing for GRE !

Anyone wanting to study abroad is aware of what GRE is, it consists Verbal (Analogy, Antonyms, Sentence completion & Reading comprehension) Quantitative (Problem Solving & Quantitative Comparison) Essay – One Issue & One Argument.

Wordlist is what he will start with mugging up all the time, and then will start solving analogies or antonyms. The Basic rule for any thing is to read and understand what you are doing. Do a detail analysis of, study the subject well. How many of you have actually read the preface of the book? It is a very important part you must not miss reading before you go any further.

Get your diagnostic test done, so that you understand which your weak area is and work hard on that section. Because a diagnostic test will reveal on what section you should concentrate harder. How many of you read the Direction of the specified section? No one!! Direction, my dear students are very important, because it tell you what is expected from you. So, try to understand it well. As mentioned in my earlier article too; do things in an organized manner go step by step. Make it a habit of always reading the direction first so that you become familiar with it, and during actual exam you don’t waste your valuable time in reading directions. Because by this time I am sure, you must have understood its importance.

Remember in GRE there is no RIGHT OR WRONG answer, it is the BEST ANSWER or SIMILAR TO or ANSWER CLOSEST to the Pair of words in capital letters. As Direction states, “pair of words with a relationship most similar to the relationship between the pair of words in capital letters.” Choose your best answer.

Learn your words starting with Roots Suffix & Prefix first. Buy a Thesaurus which has synonyms & antonyms listed after each word, and how the word is used in different contexts. Those who some foreign languages like Latin or Greek will benefit heavily because most GRE words come from these languages. If ever you don’t come to a proper answer choice then do an intelligent guess. As at times you can use the root or stem to dig up the meaning of an alien word.

All the Best.

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