On the Day of TOEFL !!

TOEFL is one of the essential tests for pursuing higher education abroad especially in the USA. A test that assesses a student’s proficiency of academic English, TOEFL is one of the deciding factors for the university to admit a student as well as for the VISA procedure. Here is the brief overview of how to go about on the day when you take TOEFL.

Like GRE or GMAT your passport is your hall-ticket for TOEFL. Make sure that your passport is in order before you even register for the TOEFL test. You will NOT be permitted to give TOEFL without your passport. Be sure to reach the test centre well in advanced so you can well complete all the formalities beforehand. You will be asked to fill a form and then your seat will be allotted to you. This process takes a better part of 15-20 minutes therefore make sure well before time.

Unlike GRE you are allowed to carry your watch and water bottle with you so it is alright if you carry these items. TOEFL lasts for roughly four hours so it is important that you are refreshed and alert. Don’t stress your self. Keep a cool head and concentrate on your test. It may happen that while you are still on the listening section some students have already reached the speaking section so make sure that you don’t get distracted. Also many students around you may start speaking on the same time. This is the time where you have to really concentrate on your task and do not lose your focus.

TOEFL is a fairly easy test. Do not be nervous but on the other hand do not get overconfident as well. You may see some simple but tricky questions so it is very important that you are well aware of the test pattern and the types of questions asked. Do well and increase your chances of getting into a good University. All the very Best.

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