Success of the life depends on the Decisions that you take at each and every stage of your life. And the decision can be perfect when it is taken at the perfect time. Most of us have the fear of taking decision because we are afraid of its results and though we take a decision we are careless about the Time that we are taking to implement it. Everything you do is an investment of time.

Here are some specific suggestions for those who aim to pursue MS Degree from the reputed US University, and if you have

Appeared for GRE and searching for Universities:

The perfect time to start FALL applications is in the month of September/October. But do not delay the things as you delayed and did not start applications in September. Understand the importance of time and have professional guidance as soon as possible.

•Just decided to pursue MS Degree from US University: Remember one thing that this process takes minimum 6 months to maximum 2 years from GRE preparations till you get Visa. If you don’t want to miss golden opportunities, it is mandatory to have a proper schedule. The problem is, your life is already full, and you end up busy with all the day-to-day things, unable to find time for what you really want to do. And how often have you reached the end of the day, and had no energy? How often has something unexpected cropped up that steals away the time you were going to spend working towards your goal?

Here are some ways to make the time that you need:

1.Take the first hour of your day and use it for what really matters to you. Everything else can wait for just one hour. 2.List your activities according to the importance level and follow the hierarchy. 3.Instead of wasting time to just chat with friends on unnecessary matters You could ask a friend to keep you accountable by checking up on your progress, whether that’s through a weekly phone call or a quick daily check-in on Twitter. Sometimes, it’s easier to stay motivated when you know that someone else is cheering you on. So friends can also be a great source of encouragement.

There are Chances that you will be tired, and want to do something else like answer your emails, or watch television, or sleep in. You will be able to enjoy all these things also if you arrange your activities from initial stage rather than doing the last minute show.

In many ways time is more valuable than money. You’ll always have the opportunity to make more money, but once time has been spent it’s gone forever. When you think of time as a commodity, and all of your actions as investments, it changes the way you approach every day decisions.


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