MOCK Tests - why are they important !!

All GRE or SAT entrants are stressed out about the upcoming exams. They are aware that mock tests prepare them well for their exams. Yet the mock tests evoke more questions than they placate. Incomplete knowledge and anxiety beget questions like:

  • When is a good time to start giving mock tests?

  • How many tests should I give before the actual exam?

  • How should I analyze my mock tests?

  • What scores should I achieve in the mock tests?

  • What do my mock test scores predict about my actual test score?

  • How prepared I should be before giving my mocks?

  • How will the mock tests help me accomplish my target scores?

A mock test is a replica of the original test, a test given before the actual test. Consider it like the enactment of a play you had studied in your literature class. You are privy to the story line, you know the characters, and you may have even had a reading of the play. But now you have to actually enact the play. You have to understand each character’s emotional spectrum and the dynamics it shares with other characters in the plot and bring the character to life. Your mock tests are equivalent to these portrayals. You know your fundamentals. You have been preparing for these exams for quite some time. Now it is time to restructure that knowledge, manage your time well and overcome your phobias about the exam. Mock tests can be instrumental in converting your potential or sharp acumen into sterling scores.

GRE or SAT is a structured exam, designed to scrutinize your aptitude and decision-making skills under pressure. Hence, to transcend these tests, you need to reorient your fundamentals so that you can answer these questions in a smart way and that will only come with practice. Mock tests give you that practice! By giving 10 mocks before your actual test, starting 1 month prior, can get you an insight into the questioning pattern of the test. You have the chance to devise a strategy to tackle these questions and achieve desired scores. Knowing your basics is your most important and reliable weapon for conquering the GRE /SAT. Knowing your fundamentals in-and-out can enable you to apply them to solve any problem with varying complexity.

Mock tests bring to forefront your weaknesses, strengths and your phobias. Thorough analysis of the mistakes made in a mock test can actually reveal which areas you are weak in and which concepts of yours are not clear. Giving numerous mocks gives you an opportunity to further bolster areas that you find challenging. If efforts are taken to brush-up the fundamentals or techniques required for overcoming your regular mistakes, you will find yourself performing better in that section in the next mock. Mocks are good platforms to probe the effectiveness of a strategy and modify it. Similarly, you will be aware that you have already mastered a few sections of the test, say like sentence completion. Thus giving mocks continuously will up your bar from ‘being good’ to ‘being accomplished’.

Sometimes we are deluded into thinking that we are deficient in a particular field like vocabulary building. Mocks can prove to be good eye-openers in case of such illusions or phobias. By answering questions you are most scared of, ad nauseam and getting them right will boost your morale and your scores on the actual test. Again, thanks to your mocks.

Lastly, mock tests are great tutors of time management. With an indefinite time on your hands, you solve even the toughest of problems. But solving them in a limited time frame adds a twist to the tale. In your first mock test you may suffer from tempus suppetat (insufficient time). But as you progress with your mock tests, you will train your mind to think fast and come to the correct conclusion sooner than it is used to. You will be able to write your essays in the stipulated time without stemming your creative juices and creating a satisfying write-up.

Like our body, our brain too needs rehearsal to achieve perfection. If you want it to be more perfect, solve the mock test at the time at which your actual test is scheduled! That’s going to make your brain perform at that time of the day, every day and especially on the T day! Look at your mock tests like your net practice. They bring to forefront your mistakes and your correct guesses. They are part of the learning process where you seek knowledge, test it and construe techniques to avoid future errors. Thus preparing you to your maximum capacity and beyond for the exam. You can now appear for the exam with a realistic idea of your score and well equipped to give your best. So go ahead, use your mock tests to ace your exams!!!

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