There recently has been a virtual stampede of foreign Universities offering various courses, which country or course would be advisable? Any specific courses which do or may command a great demand?

The answer is very simple, though slightly clichéd. It is always suggested that students utilize their years of education in India, not just to earn a degree but also to identify the field his/her interest lies in. It is far better to develop a clear focus about career goals (be it speech therapy or film technology) and work towards it, instead of trying to follow the market trend, because market trends never last forever. And there is nothing worse than being stuck with a non- lucrative career he or she has no aptitude or interest in.

As far as the selection of the country is concerned, any prospective student usually aims at working as a professional, even if for a limited period, in the country he/she plans to study in. One has to understand that each country has its own distinct advantage and disadvantage, so just as in life – the selection of the destination should be based upon the fact whether ones goals and expectations from a career perspective are in line with what the country has to offer.

For example an automobile engineer just looking an affluent lifestyle, without being too particular about his/her job profile may find Australia or New Zealand, with the promise of Permanent resident status an attractive destination. But not so for a career focused professional who is not willing to compromise on his/her job profile, and such a person may end up frustrated, because the primary requirements of these countries happen to be automobile mechanics and not automobile Engineers.

Thus proper enquiries should be made pertaining to work permit/visa/ immigration rules. Relevant exception clauses and possible scenarios must be analyzed to avoid future disappointments. A specifically important factor that should be taken into consideration is the consistency of the country pertaining to immigration and VISA rules (that is how often have they been changed/modified in the past few years) and whether it promises a long-term ability to absorb the number of international professionals landing on its shores.

A simple but effective way of choosing a destination and university is asking oneself as to how much weightage the university places on you as a student, that is whether the key factor in admission process happens to be the strength of your financial documents or your credentials as a student.

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