Learning the vocabulary ..

Step 1 Get a GOOD vocabulary list for the test that you are preparing for. The key for this method is repetition. First, find out what you do not know. Then, memorize them by repetition by tricking the brain to recognize the information as very important. The goal is to make the new vocabulary into long term memory using this method.

Step 2 For the first time, read (skimming speed) the entire list from the beginning to end. Check the words that you do not know. You are done for the day.

Step 3 The next day, start with any alphabet letter you want. For the words you do not know, take time to understand the word by reading the meaning and word usage in a sentence. No need to write the words more than a couple times.

Step 4 The following day, read the vocabulary list again. Focus on the words you checked earlier. However, this time around cover the meaning part to see if you remember them. If you don’t, put a check mark again on the side of the word. Read the meaning and sentences usage again. Do the prior step with a new set of alphabet. Step 5 Do this step until you cover all the alphabets in the vocabulary list and there are at least 3 check marks for the words that you do not know. This should have taken 1 to 2 weeks working 2 hours a day, 3 to 4 days of the week.

Step 6 Now the number of the words that you do not know would have reduced significantly. From now on, highlight the words that you do not know as you go through the list again. Spend one week (3 to 4 days). Next time around, use different colors.

Step 7 Now, create a separate vocabulary list of the words that you have not yet memorized. Step 8 Remaining words are, for some reasons, especially difficult for you to master. For these words, use methods such as association and giving special meaning to the words. The more personal, the easier to remember. Group the words into synonyms and antonyms. Studying prefix, suffix and roots of vocabulary is helpful, too. Step 9 For the last couple of weeks, just review the final list that you made. On the last week, take couple of sample tests. You should be pleasantly surprised to find your score improvement.

Step 10 Now, You are ready. So go get them !!!

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