Preparing for the tests…Work Hard and Relax !!!

Many students work really hard for their tests (SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS). But still they do not score good marks. Moreover, they are unable to make out what went wrong. A very BIG reason for doing bad in the test is that they worked HARD. May be too hard. There is a whole lot of difference between working ‘hard’ and working ‘intelligent’.

It is very important to make a proper schedule for your studies and follow it properly. Break your study time into short intervals. An ideal duration for one session is two hours. Study for two hours and then take a short rest for up to half an hour. In that half an hour, you can eat or drink something light. Don’t take a big meal if you want to study. Eat something light at short intervals. If you take a heavy meal, you will feel lethargic and may fall asleep. If you want to sleep during day, take a siesta after lunch. It is also known by other names like cat nap or power nap. After this, you can start with fresh energy. It should not exceed 30 minutes. Else it will make you feel lazy.If you are tired or bored of studies, do not force yourself too much. take a break. You can do deep breathing exercises. Our brain does not work to its full capacity if it lacks oxygen. Therefore, it is our responsibility to supply it with fresh oxygen. You can take a cup of strong tea or coffee also.

The most important day of your preparation is the previous day of the exam. And the most vital activity of that previous day should be to RELAX. You have prepared for the hundred meter race. You have worked very hard for it. Hence, DON NOT practice just before going to the field. What I mean to say is that your frame of mind at the time of the test is very important. If you have already exhausted it, it is going to take revenge which may be disastrous.

Therefore, take proper sleep on the previous night. Eat good food before going for the test. ‘Good food’ means the food which provides you energy but does not make you feel sleepy. Drink water at regular intervals. While taking the test ATTACK every question. It means that you should be fully alert and should utilize your brain to the hilt.

It is important to work hard for whichever test you are preparing for. But it is equally important to reward yourself on a daily basis for the hard work you have done. You must be aware of the saying : ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Hence, avoid being a dull boy and enjoy and relax after you have done your hard work. All the best…….

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