Let’s play with words !!

Learning the ‘Word Lists’ is a big problem for students. Here,we can discuss and follow some strategies and become ‘Wordsmith’. First of all, don’t go for the rote learning or ‘rattafication’ as they call it. Always try to understand the meanings of the words. Most of the words may have more than one meanings. Study all the meanings minutely as many of them can be tricky. Keeping all the meanings of a certain word in mind may be a real challenge. But DONT run away. Take the bull by its horns instead. Plan and follow a well-defined strategy. You can form sentences mentally in order to remember different meanings of different words. In case of adjectives, you can personify them i.e. you can allot the adjectives to certain persons whom you know. Don’t worry, s/he will never know it. You are doing everything mentally.

Secondly, do not depend on only one or two sources for your words .Learn them from different sources viz. newspapers, magazines, books, flash cards, etc. There is a very good book in the market to improve word power. It’s called ‘ Word Power Made Easy’ written by Norman Lewis. Watching good T.V. channels like CNN or BBC is also a good idea. Just keep your sensors alert, you will learn a lot in the process.

Last but not the least, while going through ‘ Word Lists ‘ of any good book like ‘Barron’s, you should revise them periodically. I will elaborate this point through an example. Barron’s GRE has fifty word lists. I recomend ten word lists in the first week. Once you have completed ten of them, revise those ten and then go ahead. Complete next ten in the second week. After two weeks, you will have completed twenty word lists. Again revise those twenty and so on. Thus, by the end of five weeks you will have completed and revised all the fifty word lists.

However, don’t stop even after completing all the fifty word lists. If you don’t practice them, you will forget them very fast. So in order not to forget those words and to learn many more new words, read. Thus, you will come across the words you have learnt and they will remain with you for the rest of your lives. Further, use the words on daily basis in your writings and conversations. Take my word for it. Work in a planned manner and it will pay very handsome rewards. All the best………

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