You must make time for reading, at least two full hours thrice a week.This makes reading a natural habit & more rewarding.

2.LEARN TO READ FOR MAIN IDEA: Stop wasting time& effort for details ,push through efficiently for a quick recognition of the main idea. Be more interested in the writer`s basic thinking than in his minor points.

3.CHALLENGE YOUR COMPREHENSION: Try to read difficult & challenging material. you will never become a better reader by limiting yourself to easy reading.

4.BUDGET YOUR TIME: Keep yourself deadlines in reading .Say to yourself: “i have this book & i want to finish it by tomorrow night” This way you will mobilize yourself for reading as an intellectual pursuit

5.PACE YOURSELF: Set yourself a time limit,say 15 mts & count the no of pages you have finished in that time, multiply by 4& you have your potential speed for that book per hour. Keep to the rate you have set yourself.This way you will learn to devise personal tricks to speed up.

6.DEVELOP HABITS OF IMMEDIATE CONCENTRATION: Nothing makes concentration so easy ,so immediate as the technique of sweeping through the material purposefully looking for main ideas & broad concepts. This stimulates your mind, you get involved in the writer`s thoughts & as an added dividend you soon find increased concentration.

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