Scholarships of more than Rs. 5 Crores

F.A.C.T. students rock Foreign Universities !!!

The academic year has ended for most courses and students are busy planning their next career moves. Intense competition, limited opportunities and rising cost of education is making even the most competent students worry about their future. Most of these students do not realize that in the era of globalization, they need to sit with the map of the world to explore options and suddenly the doors to careers of there choice open.

A Unique Career Opportunity after HSC...

Planning careers after HSC has become a nightmare in the recent years. The intense competition for entrance tests and the necessity of taking different tests for different careers has left the students parents in immense concern regarding careers after 12th standard. One good and workable option for such students is to study abroad. The competition is far too less and the Indian students perform much better on international campuses making them eligible for high scholarships. So, low cost of education and easy admissions process has attracted increasing number of students to plan their careers abroad. However, most students and parents are unaware about the process and procedure for planning a successful career abroad.

Engineering Careers

Engineers traditionally have been the largest community of students going abroad. However, the overexposure to the system results in mechanical approach to planning careers and as a result, though most engineering students get admissions, very few get scholarships and research opportunities in their area of interest.You need to have a clear strategy, an ability not just to collect information but “Analyze” the information to your advantage and work in a disciplined manner right from the third year of engineering. Moreover, at every stage of preparation, the students should know its likely impact on the admissions and scholarships decision. This will result in reducing the cost of education to a substantial 75%.

Guidance is given by FACT (centers in Borivali, Nashik, Pune, Thane, Vashi, Vile Parle, Dadar, Aurangabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Muscat & Dubai) on how to plan a career path right from third year of engineering, the technique of selecting right universities and right program and most importantly, how to manage finances.

Education Abroad… the Doctor Factor

Planning for career opportunities abroad for the Medical and Para Medical graduates is a complicated process. Most countries like to have stringent and complex rules structure for the ever sensitive health care sector. However, it is also true that many medical and para medical graduates want to fly abroad partly because of lucrative opportunities and partly because of intense competition and rising cost of post graduate education in India. These graduates often make a quick and ill informed decision and then regret for the lost time and money.

In order to assist young graduates from medical and paramedical branches, FACT provides career guidance for education abroad. In order to help the engineering students plan a successful career abroad with scholarships, Foreign Academic Consultancy and Training (F.A.C.T.), a professional career guidance organization, is actively conducting research for availability of various career opportunities and scholarships abroad.

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