Suyash Padhye

Fall 2019

I joined FACT in my fourth semester of engineering with a view of studying abroad for Masters. It has been a wonderful journey since then. Gre and Toefl classes followed by University selection, SOP and LOR drafting and several such intricate processes. Though you have to take your own efforts and research rigorously, FACT is a nice guiding hand in the journey.

Madhur Khade

Fall 2019

FACT is the among the best foreign education career counselors. Had a fascinating experience with them. Very jolly, friendly, always approachable and experienced staff. They helped me shortlist the universities based on my GRE and TOEFL marks. Also they guided me well throughout my VISA procedure. The mock visa sessions conducted were of great help. Individual 
attention to each and every student right from the day of enrollment to the day when he/she flies out of the country to achieve their dreams is a unique and noteworthy characteristic of FACT. Best recommended foreign education career counselors.

Sadhana Desai

Fall 2019

Being a FACT Family member is a great experience. I joined for admission and VISA counselling 
Everything was done smoothly. They were very helpful and co-ordinated with me through each and every step of the procedure. 
Thank you FACT Team!!!

Cintamani Satavlekar

Fall 2019

I joined FACT in order to get coaching for my GRE and TOEFL along with guidance for selecting 
the universities and writing SOPs. I am completely thrilled with my experience at FACT. The entire family at FACT is very helpful and can address all your queries effectively. Do join FACT if you are planning to opt for higher education!

Akshata Shinde

Fall 2019

A suggested place to every aspiring student wanting to study abroad. It has very interactive faculties ready to help us in every hurdle which arrives at every stage in any aspect. I personally had a good experience with a good opportunity provided to interact with the local and professional people even before flying there. Thank you so much to let me seize the opportunity. I also had a development not only in my intellectual but also as a personality. Tons of prosperity to the FACT family. 

Nikunj Savla

Fall 2019

This journey in FACT, started about a year ago, and the journey has been a wonderful and a 
fruitful one throughout. The level of guidance and expertise provided at each stage was so upto the mark, that never felt a doubt in my mind during the complete process. All the doubts were cleared on the spot and was guided properly whenever stuck. The professors have great teaching and understanding skills. Their readiness to help and guide us, is what made us confident throughout. Apart from all these things, everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I am greatful to Vishwas sir, Umesh Sir, Purva maam, Heena maam, Manasee maam and Poonam maam for being so supportive right from the beginning and helping me find way out even in the darkness. I would strongly recommend FACT, not only for making your career strong, but also to easily make way through this long and exhaustive process of making your dream come true!!!

Sanket Patil

Fall 2019

A great place for consultation about overseas studies. The back end team is really great and they helped me out with my SOPs and LORs. Great counselling in terms of suggesting colleges and preparing the candidates for the Visa interview. Would especially recommend and thank Umesh Sir and Navin sir who were extremely patient and prepared me for the entire process.

Shreya Hajare

Fall 2018

FACT for me means “Fulfillment of Ambitions Comes True.”

I would like to thank FACT for my success. The classroom teaching, the online lectures helped me to get a thorough understanding of the concepts which were essential to crack GRE and Toefl with good marks. Atmosphere at FACT always feels homely. I could reach out to our teachers any time for doubts regarding subject matters, university shortlisting, application process and visa. FACT made the stressful application and Visa process, smooth flowing with their expertise and guidance.

I embarked on my GRE preparation in late June. And had to appear for GRE in October. In this short period it was a bit difficult to complete the portion, build a good Vocab. But thanks to FACT’s constant support and encouragement, it became possible to get good marks in the first attempt itself.

The personal touch at FACT is what makes it stand out. If you are at FACT you can be rest assured that your hard work along with their guidance will help you to achieve your goal.

A big thanks to FACT for making my dream of going to best B school come true !!!

Jay Gite

Fall 2018

Preparing for GRE/TOEFl, applying for universities, getting admit from desired universities and visa process can be extremely fruitful only if it is done at perfect time and FACT helped me to time this entire process perfectly. All the members of FACT family from teachers to administrators are some of the most helpful and friendly people I have ever come across. Experience of Counselors at FACT helped me to select university which was perfect for my profile and my field of interest. They were always there to address and explain any question that pooped up in my or my parents mind. Overall, my journey with FACT for almost 2 years that started with GRE preparation is something that I will always cherish for the rest of my life.

Monisha Mittal

Fall 2018

FACT has always been a great support from day one. There have been times I doubted myself, but Kanchan ma'am and Shah Sir were always there to motivate me and boost my confidence. Today I stand proud, with full scholarship in a top rated University and would absolutely recommend FACT. This place has been a very essential part of my journey.​

Iwan Irawan

Fall 2018

Very friendly atmosphere.... And you won't even feel that you're preparing for something or studying hard.... The teachers are very kind and are always ready to help.... Helped me build my career! You ought to give 'em a try.... You'll love it 

Niharika Nehra

Fall 2018

FACT has enabled a very smooth transition for my career. Special shout out to Kanchan Ma'am for being available to answer all my silly questions and guiding me throughout. Also thanking Sunil Sir for constant enthusiasm and support. 

Aditya Godambe

FALL 2017

Studying abroad is a herculean task, both,  the admission process and the studies thereafter. I have been blessed with the assistance of the excellent professionals and friendly individuals at FACT who have guided me at every step in making the former as easy as possible and for their valuable inputs for succeeding in the latter. A special thanks to Sunil sir, Kiran ma'am and Katre ma'am for guiding me throughout the process. I hope this relationship with the FACT family continues to grow stronger over the years to come.

Shreya Lakhkar

FALL 2017

​My overall experience with FACT has been amazing!! The teachers and administrators are some of the friendliest people I have met in my entire life. Right from explaining the entire process to me and my parents to helping me write college level essays till getting my visa, they have supported me throughout this process and helped me in making my dream, a reality!

Devraj Chowdhary

FALL 2017

I liked to be a part of FACTs family as it supported me throughout my problems regarding anything related to the admission process or SAT exam. It helped a lot throughout my entire duration of visa interview preparation. The teachers at FACT are very help-full  and co-operative. My overall experience with FACT was full of joy and happiness.

Akash Gund

FALL 2017

I have been a student at FACT for a year before I gave my GRE and with every lecture my confidence grew. All credit to the Verbal Trainer. The online platform for tests was helpful too. The profound preparation and guided studies makes it so much easier. Thank You FACT

for helping me take a step forward in my career. THANKS A LOT!

Malvika Mishra

FALL 2017

I was about to be done with GRE and TOEFL and I was considering going to a counselor. A neighbor of mine and then later a friend from college told me about FACT. So I went to the Borivali branch, my parents in tow, on the day after I’d taken TOEFL. We spoke about possibly everything in that one meeting with counselor who I think can answer any question that you hurl at them

with a peaceful trustworthy smile. About 10 days later I got my TOEFL score and we registered for University Application procedure plus Visa counseling.

FACT has been helpful in every way at any given time with the prompt help provided by Team. I’m very grateful that I had them. They would solve the silliest of doubts in no time. They entertained my parents from time to time, solving all the doubts, specially financial. They were always available. The mock VISA interviews conducted by Shivali Ma’am were very insightful and ensured that I gave my best on D-day.

I would definitely recommend FACT to my friends not only because of their services but also the cordiality the counselors maintain with every student.

Sharang Rane

FALL 2017

A tough Ride made easy by FACT. It was really a good start from my 1st visit at FACT till the day I got the visa.

Ms. Surekha was very encouraging, understanding and dedicated. She was very patient and guided me through the entire application process. Her expert guidance has helped me a lot at every step. Ms. Shivali is an  Excellent instructor. Her methods of teaching and explaining things are well thought out and given at a level

that the students can understand. She takes the time in class and out of class to answer any questions and

help the students with any problems they may have. Her enthusiasm in class makes the lectures enjoyable,

and her dedication to the course and her students is evident in her teachings.


The FACT website helps students a lot by providing a lot of content to practice for the examination online along with online lectures. After my GRE and TOEFL exams, they provided the list of Universities according to my profile and what I intend to study in through thorough counseling. They made sure they provide the universities which are reputed for their Education and research opportunities. Ms. Surekha and Ms. Shivali later guided me through the lengthy documentation process and made it easy for me. I will definitely recommend anyone who wants to study abroad to come to FACT.

Omkar Rane

FALL 2017

First & foremost, thanks a lot FACT team for making my dream come true to

study in USA.


Thanks you so much Surekha Mam, for helping me out through the entire application process.Your guidance & support really helped my parents & me a lot. Even after getting number of rejects continuously without a single admit, you stood by me & encouraged me to stay positive & not to lose any hopes & thereafter i started receiving admits & finally i managed to get 3 admits back to back. Again thank you for standing by me & helping me through out the process.


I couldn't be more thankful to you Shivali mam. I really appreciate your prompt 

support you had provided to me from filling out the university application forms to 

making me ready for the visa interview.Your prompt support through various mediums such as

email,phonecalls,whatsapp really helped me to get my doubts resolved at no time.


and last but not the least, Avinash Sir,thanks for your proper guidance in selecting the universities & finalizing the university among my admits.Your guidance helped my parents & me a lot in finalizing the university.Thank you so much.


Again FACT TEAM, I am thanking you from bottom of my heart for helping me through out this entire journey and i wish you all the best for your bright future ahead.

Ninad Sakhardande

FALL 2017

I want to thank Katre madam for patiently answering all my queries. 

She helped me to choose the options of universities properly, to apply to those universities and also to apply for my visa.I also want to thank vishwas sir, avinash sir and kiran madam for their guidance. 

I would also like to thank Beena maam and Ameya sir who played pivotal roles in my SAT and TOEFL preparations.

Abhijeet Suhas Walchale

FALL 2017

The team at FACT Thane has been supportive since day one. I owe my GRE scores to their excellent mentoring and online courseware. I also thank them for all the guidance I have been receiving during my Application and Visa process.

Nidhi Menon

FALL 2017

At FACT, I have had student-friendly faculty members with excellent pedagogical skills who not only cleared the concepts, but also encouraged independent learning. They honed my critical thinking skills which is a must for the GRE and TOEFL tests. The counsellors at FACT are amiable and guide us through the entire application process, from choice of university to the visa process. I am thankful to the entire FACT family for helping me in my journey to GeorgiaTech.

Apurva Rai

FALL 2017

A year ago when I still was unsure whether or not I would be going to US for my BS, Fact helped me a lot. My mother was still reluctant to send me overseas for my BS but after going to a seminar presented by sir Sunal Shah she was completely convinced about my safety, education and financial security. Later, I applied to Fact Thane for my Application and VISA guidance and they have helped me through the process remarkably. It has been a very pleasing experience to work with them.

Prathamesh M.Thorat

FALL 2017

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude towards FACT.


Name: Prathamesh Thorat 

           (Completed B.E Mechanical in 2016)


It has been an enriching experience throughout.I can't thank enough Sunil Shah Sir, Avinash Sir, Madhavi Ma'am, Kiran Ma'am, Katre Ma'am, Ameya Sir and the entire Fact Team.

Without their guidance and support, I wouldn't have achieved my dream of getting admit in  Arizona State University for Professional Science Masters (PSM)Solar energy engineering course.All the counsellors and Faculty members were always available for solving my doubts and questions while I was preparing for GRE, TOEFL and also while the entire application process.I am honoured to be a part of this great Institute and will always be a proud FACT Student.

Siddhesh Karekar

FALL 2017

I was hoping the argument essay I wrote in the exam would be the last essay I wrote today, but here goes, haha!

Got 334 in the GRE today. I couldn't believe my eyes, added together 164 (Verbal) and 170 (quants) over and over again to just make sure! (Also checked it on the calculator again as I typed this) and it does indeed add up to 334.

So let me take this opportunity to thank all of y'all here at FACT. My biggest thanks goes to you, Madhavi ma'am; not sure if I could have done it without your guidance! I can't miss Sunil sir -Thank you, for believing in me, right from the beginning. I'd also like to thank Ronak sir, Avinash sir, Katre ma'am and Kiran ma'am for helping us throughout the process. Avinash sir reprimanding us for not solving PI tests definitely helped kick-start something! Special thanks to Mule sir and Vinesh sir too, although I really didn't attend that many quant lectures :p

I probably came off sounding overly sappy, but it really does feel like a dream. Just hoping that I don't wake up from it.

My journey with FACT isn't over yet, still got TOEFL to go :) See you all soon again!

Sanmitra Pingulkar

FALL 2016

Dear Team


My apologies for not contacting for so long.


It is been almost six months, rather busy six months and I am having a great time over here in UT Arlington. My exams are going great, it is a completely different experience of living on my own. I think it is because I have followed every advice given by everyone in fact. I even had a wonderful dinner with Sunil Sir when he was in Arlington.


Thank you very much for helping me in this journey in every possible way.


Hope to meet everyone soon.


Thanks and Regards

Sanmitra Pingulkar

Mangesh Shettigar

FALL 2016

I had joined FACT for counselling just after my GRE in August. A friend of mine from US recommended FACT, as he had a very good experience with FACT, four years ago. Initially I was apprehensive about joining counselling services because of their high fees. Honestly speaking, FACT has not at all disappointed me. In fact, every penny has been worth it. The staff at FACT is adept at what they do through years of experience. I cannot imagine how I would have done my research for universities, understand the application requirements and process, and most importantly complete my applications on time, while working 10hrs a day side by side. FACT made it very simple for me with their stepwise approach by providing application checklist, format for SOP, LORs and other documents and also helped me by suggesting the list of universities which suited my profile and academics. With everything laid out in front of me, I could concentrate on my job and at the same time complete my application process smoothly. While applying, I did not have to worry about missing anything in my application as Purva Ma’am reviewed my applications before I hit the submit button. After receiving admits, Avinash Sir helped in choosing the best University among my admits, and there again where most students get confused over location vs cost vs fees vs climate vs reputation; I had nothing to worry about.

My parents had no idea about FACT and they just knew it was some place which was helping me with me Masters Application. After listening to Sunil Sir's speech at the VISA seminar, my parents were very happy and were glad that I had made a very good decision by joining FACT.

FACT has also guided me well on the VISA process and Avinash Sir guided my parents to get financial documents ready for my VISA interview. While I was little short on confidence, Purva ma’am helped me by conducting 3-4 mock interviews. At times, I felt like I might have tested her patience during mocks, but she never got irritated and helped me each time till I was confident about my answers.

Overall, it has been a great experience at FACT and I thank them a lot for helping me to get an inch closer to my dream.

Abhishek Mangoli

FALL 2016

Hello Sir,

             How are you? Hope you are sailing in the ship of good health! I am doing great here. Apart from freaking weather everything is awesome. 

Just thought of sharing my experience of this journey so far. I have completed my first semester successfully and have managed to maintain the scholarship for the next semester as well. College is nice with numerous amenities and good professors (except few ones ofcourse!)  

Had to struggle a lot during my initial days but now I got used to it. As Avinash Sir advised us in our last meet I'm facing exactly the same scenarios- time management, cooking, studies, assignments, projects, lectures, events and what not. During my last sem I struggled a lot with these stuff but later I learnt that its not that tough and I can do it if I do it sincerely. 

But apart from that i have enjoyed a lot....explored various people, places, culture and cuisines... It was indeed fun....But the truth is east or west, INDIA is the best! (Missing badly.:( )

Sorry for the late reply....was busy with all these stuffs and vacation...just started with new sem with grt enthusiasm.... 

Kudos to Avinash Sir for guiding us thoroughly! Thank You Jatin Sir for your overwhelming support...

Will be in touch.....Thank You for your time...

Sayali Joshi

FALL 2016

Hello whole FACT team,

Greetings for the day!


I am in Mississippi state right now, looking forward to start classes for MS Statistics. I decided to study in US in January 2016. Then I immediately joined FACT. At that time I was only concern about GRE and TOEFL. I was also working at that time. So couldn't use proper guidance from FACT and scored average. But others from FACT were scoring very good. I was quite scared. But Katre Ma'am and Avinash sir helped me to find 4 universities according to my overall profile.


I applied to those 4 universities. I got accepted in 3 of them. As per my convenience, considering many factor, I chose Mississippi State University. Then, there was even bigger factor, and that was visa. I was really scared for Visa. I started preparing, and couldn't even speak. Avinash sir tried to improve. But I was still afraid. Hence, Katre ma'am did counselling. She explained everything in a simple manner with simple examples, and all the fear was gone. I cracked interview in first attempt. And all checklists from FACT helped me packed. 


All I can say, that it is good to have someone during your preparation for US. But you should have experts, who knows which things are actually important and which needs to be handled quite casually. In strange and different country Its good to be confident that I will get help from FACT even in future if required. Thank you FACT team for all help and support!

Viraj Kulkarni

FALL 2016

would like to take this opportunity and thank the entire FACT team of Thane branch for all the counselling related service given. I am part of the pool for the Fall 2016 admit, making it to the USA.

Like everyone else, even I had the too many questions regarding the higher education system in the US. Yes, many online blogs will help you, but at the same time, it can also mislead you. It is quite obvious. Many of us are curious, excited and want to fly abroad to peruse our dreams. Having dreams is good. But getting a guidance at proper time is equally important.  After making a little research, I ended up joining FACT with no much doubts as it was the best in my locality. probably end up joining FACT. With their success ratio and experience in what they’re doing, they have attained the expertise level in what they’re doing. A good example of professional service. If you’re in and around Mumbai, FACT is the best option for a smoother process for you readers.

The actual application process started after the GRE/TOEFL exams. From selecting the universities to approving the final draft of SOP, everything was covered well. Multitasking during this phase was important as we get engrossed in many thins at a time. Managing queries related to funds, sponsors were also covered in a well manner. There are certain times, when not always your parents are in position to sponsor to various situations, even when they wish to. Staff at FACT assisted in a well manner during that phase of time. You may stumble upon a silly question; the staff has got it covered. Trust me readers, trust them. These people will really help you till the end and even after.

Special note, please don’t miss meeting Mr. Avinash. A man of his words and confidence. The more I praise him would be less to iterate here. I remember, him replying my queries even at the mid-nights. He’s the man you see. After his recommendations, I applied four universities; of which 3 were accepted and a single reject. Also Ms. Kiran and Ms. Katre were fantastic people that I came across. They took care of VISA related queries like documentations, mock interviews and bunch of miscellaneous question. They’re really friendly people and supportive. Not to forget, Ms. Purva also helped a lot. With her quick email replies, many of my visits to the branch avoided. The final party after cracking the VISA interview I remember was fun. That day made me and others realize, that the time has come to depart. But it was fun!!

Now, I’m in the middle of the semester and enjoying the Thanksgiving break. Suggestion to upcoming students? Excitement is good but just go step-by-step and do not hesitate to ask questions when you have it. Make proper plans and relax, be positive and things will fall in its place. To add more, don’t read the online blogs, especially the VI related ones.

Thank you ones again to the entire FACT team and Mr. Sunil Shah. Greetings from US!

Akshay Birud

FALL 2015

I am Akshay Bhirud, student of FACT, who flew to Boston for MS in Engineering Management at Northeastern University starting Fall 16, and I hope you still remember me.I'm grateful to you guys for helping me out through my admission process and with the VISA procedures.It's now almost 2 months I'm here and I'm happy I'm picking up with the city with pace. The course is just the one I wanted, competition is fierce but I'm just playing my A game. Also it has started getting cold out here!The whole reason I'm writing this email, is I got my second pay cheque yesterday from the On Campus job and I remembered Sunil Sir's words during the farewell party.Yes, I work on Campus in one of the grocery stores as Deli Clerk which involves making sandwiches and stuff. The day I arrived here, I had to start from the basics, right from crossing the road to following the basic traffic rules. But it does make you disciplined and living on your own makes you independent. I've even told my parents, henceforth the only time you guys are sending me money is for my tuition of Spring Semester in 2017. That's it! Everything else I'm planning to manage on my own through co-op and On Campus job.It's all settled up here and would be more than happy to help you guys when needed.I hope such emails give you guys a motive to work on weekend.I am sure this will put a proud smile on each one of your faces and hope Sunil Sir reads this too!Always grateful towards you guys!

Tanvi Raorane

FALL 2015

As the date of my departure is closing in I find myself reminiscing about the time when this process started. Back then I was not even sure if I will be able to pursue abroad education. It was a dream that FACT made achievable for me. 

I still remember the first time I met Katre mam with my mother. She changed our views about this concept completely that we were convinced to take this chance. It surely was a turning point for me. The entire faculty of FACT is skilled in their job and would never misguide you.

Avinash sir’s straight forward and professional approach towards his job is really appreciable. He helped me get a clear view of my situation which further helped me take proper decision. Katre mam on the other hand is the sweetest person to talk to. She is like a self confidence booster. Kiran mam too is a very nice and patient person. No matter how many times I called or however silly my doubts were she always clarified them patiently.

This is what FACT did for me. They guided me towards the right path. They made me believe that my dream can indeed turn into reality and that is what happened FACT made my dream  come true. This professional yet friendly organization is indeed the best in their field.

Siddhesh Pimpale

FALL 2015


This is Siddhesh Pimpale. (FACT student).

I am enjoying United States & I just want to thank you all for your kind efforts as well as supporting me towards my admission process.

Special Thanks to Avinash Sir for taking care of my visa process and helping me out to find out solutions for my Visa.

Thank You All.

Farhaj Mayan

FALL 2014

Got my VISA approved today and I’m totally looking forward to pursuing my dreams and exploring the limits of robotic sciences. I would like to thank my Parents and FACT for making it happen!!!

Ayesha Farheen

FALL 2013

Hello Sir!

Thank you so much! I’m finally in the university! Everything is all well,just getting a little a bit hectic with the studies. But, I’m adjusted to it and next week I’ll start looking for a job on-campus. THANK YOU!!!

Mukunth Raghavan

FALL 2014

My experience with FACT can only be described as truly Astounding, in every sense of the word. I have known the Warm-hearted people at FACT for around two years now and they have changed my life.

Kaustubh Deshpande

FALL 2014

I had joined FACT at the start of January and it has been an awesome journey! The FACT office is practically my second home, sitting and filling all my applications, writing my SOP, etc.

Prarthan Shah

FALL 2013

If it weren’t for FACT, I would probably land up in some regional engineering college in India. Instead, I'm on my way to pursue architecture, my hobby and dream, in US.

Simran Gurdasani

FALL 2013

Thank you FACT !!
Currently I am in hostel in Indianapolis and have completed one week of the Bridge program and I am absolutely loving the experience.

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