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Sun, Sep 26


Educational Opportunities in Canada

Educational Opportunities in Canada

A number-cruncher by passion and profession, Arun set out to be a Mechanical Engineer but soon found his true calling. After completing his MBA, he ventured into the education field and over the last five years, has guided over 300 students with their career goals in The Great White North.

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Educational Opportunities in Canada
Educational Opportunities in Canada

When and Where

Sep 26, 2021, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM GMT+5:30

Educational Opportunities in Canada

Ameya will talk about...

The webinar will cover topics including but not limited to the following:

Education System: Few countries have a federal department or national system of

education and few has a provincial and territorial governments set up to run their own

educational systems. The priority of every country is not always the education.

Choosing the right education system is the key to success. Gain insights about the

education system of the country by attending the Webinar.

Suitability: At times students land up in a country which after reaching they find it

unsuitable either due to barriers like language, culture, diversity or due to lack of

research, job and settlement opportunities. Attendees will understand whether the

country is suitable to them or not.

Gaining scholarships for higher studies abroad: Many parents are not aware about

the substantial scholarships offered by the Universities. We have always recommended

the parents to select the Institutions based on the funding opportunities available. These

Universities are also more likely to give you a very inspiring experience, contrary to the

popular belief that the reduced cost will have a negative impact on their academic

experience. Webinar will make you aware about the available funding opportunities.

University selection and application process: This process should be a Bespoke

activity than a One-size-fits-all approach. Take ranking with a pinch of salt not just a fist

of salt. Expert guidance during the session will ultimately leads you to understand the

requirements of universities that meet your long-term aims and lead to a fulfilling

experience at university.

Global trends, scope of careers and settlement opportunities: Obtaining a Study

Permit Visa is the first and foremost critical milestone to their settlement plan for more

than 50% of the international students. The session will ensure that you are well-

informed about different resource endowments, employment prospects, demographics,

immigration settlement needs of different industries etc. before choosing a country to


Detailed question and answer session: The aim of the Webinar is to clear your

confusions, give you a clarity to your educational plans and contribute for your success.

Request to make a list of all your queries and clear it with the expert during the webinar.

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